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A couple of weeks ago my novel, Mentoring Mr Singleman, went on a virtual book tour. This involves a series of book bloggers from across the globe (Jen is based in Honolulu, but was kind enough not to be sniffy about the surfing scenes) posting a critique of the book on their sites, having been sent an electronic copy two or three weeks previously. If all goes well, the tour follows a pre-published programme, so that in the spirit of “if this is Tuesday it must be Belgium” each day brings a new delight.

Inevitably from time to time a blogger doesn’t make their scheduled stop – these guys have to-be-read piles a mile high. I was particularly grateful though to Jorie at and Linda at, who although they hadn’t managed to read the novel took the time to publish in the first case a lengthy author interview, and in the second an extract from the novel, and to give enthusiastic social media support.

The book tour was curated by Aimee Coveney at, and I am very grateful to her for putting together such a stimulating and enjoyable virtual roadtrip.

Below are the cherry-picked “best bits” from the reviews – thankfully everyone had something nice to say! If these responses by independent readers whet your appetite, The e-book of Mentoring Mr Singleman can be downloaded from Amazon for less than the price of a coffee, and the paperback for quite a bit more.

Singleman Blog Tour Best Bits

“a feel good book, perfect for these times” Claire at

“I loved Mr Singleman's very wry, intelligent and accurate observations…The other thing I loved about the book was the setting and the descriptions of the Cornish land and seascape…I'm giving this book 5 out of 5 stars.

Linby at

“Complicated and complex characters with faults and flaws, love and friendship. A gentle and light-hearted story.”

Claire at

“A lovely easy, light-hearted and witty read with beautiful scenery.”

Gemma at

“I thoroughly enjoyed “Mentoring Mr Singleman” and I loved the writing style…This was such a light-hearted and humorous read and it was one I couldn’t wait to get back to…I really hope there is more to come from the author.”

Sonya at

“Dave is a likeable character that you root for all the way through.”

Joy at

definitely something that I think other people would enjoy…I’d like to know more about these characters and where their lives are headed…reminded me a lot of One? by Jennifer Cahill and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen…If you’re interested in reading Mentoring Mr Singleman, definitely check it out!”

Jen at

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